Alena Konečná's book "Don't Shine Into My Speaker!"

Read Alena's Don't Shine into My Speaker! online, or order it from one of the internet bookstores:

Author House, the publisher: Dust Jacket Hardcover or Softcover (pay in British Pounds)

Author House, the publisher: Softcover, Hardcover and E-book (pay in USD)

Amazon: Hardcover, Paperback and Kindle Edition (pay in USD)

Barnes and Noble: Hardcover or Paperback (pay in USD; this seller seems to be the cheapest one)

Book Depository: Hardback or Paperback (pay in EUR)

South Africa Exclus1ves: Hardback or Paperback (pay in Rands)

Face Book

Goggle Books

Alternatively, download the book for reading offline.

Alena's second book Moving by October has never been published before.

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