Offering and presenting of our ministry would be done by giving the fliers to government and non-profit organizations which are active in preparing potential substitute parents and are offering services and help to the fostering parents. Besides that, it would include tours to the churches of various denominations where the part of the presentation would be publishing the alarming numbers as how many children there are in the orphanages in the Czech Republic, that we are the worst of the entire EU, the statistics of the abused and tortured children etc. All of these hand in hand with the appeal for the Christians not to close eyes before these facts and not to escape into the safety of their bastioned households.

Operating of the whole project would be covered from agro-tourism.

The most ideal would be such place that already has a restaurant running, if possible even with accommodation facilities. We hope it might be possible to draw from the EU funds because our country is repeatedly being rebuked by EU for lax attitude in the matter of the number of the children in the orphanages, and even the minister Nečas is working on what could be done to increase the number of foster families.

What do we need then??
First of all, more such enthusiasts like us. It is too big a bite for one family only. We do have some experiences in SFC, with pastoral care, theology, organizing conferences, breeding animals, and NHS. We keep in touch with experts in all these areas. However, we know nothing about running a restaurant, accommodation, let alone writing the grant applications.

Probably it will be necessary to found a non-profit organization which by its statute would guarantee use of the money in the purposeful way. We are not much experienced in that either.

We need many people to pray for this vision in order that we know whether it is truly the will of God (or our suicide) and which direction to take.
We pray to God that the people who would like to take part in this vision would be called by God Himself and sanctified for this kind of ministry because it will demand lot of self-denying and spiritual maturity.

Next little thing is the very place where it should be done, the best option including a restaurant, accommodation, and grounds. It will be also necessary to have room for the helpers, and our family, too. It is pretty much possible that something like a community may come to being. Some log cabins for accommodation of the visitors should not be a big problem to build, as well as boxes for animals, haylofts, circular pens, paddocks, etc. It is understood that additional work and (re)constructions will take place.

The preliminary image is then some older farm which would undergo some changes and, later on, as the time and money allows, continue expanding and being reconstructed.

The grounds should suffice from about a hectare or two. Best around five but that would be a luxury.

It would be perfect to have a tractor.

Well, this all would require more money than we have at our disposal, so LET'S PRAY.

See also Theological Base for our vision, if you happen to be interested in it.

The Commented Bible in Czech project

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