Our Animals

Our fauna raises questions in many people: Do we have nothing to do that we care for so many animals? Do we not know what to do with the money? What is a goat good for today? Does a llama belong to the Czecho-Moravian Highlands?

The view of our front yard also does not inspire trust in our neighbors. The clotheshorse loaded with tons of washing, toys just everywhere, lots of children runnig around (both ours and a half of a village), among these dogs and cats. One child hold the other on the back of the llama, another one feeds the goat with selected branches and out oldest son is taking a sun-bath on the back of a grazing horse. A Gypsy yard.

Nevertheless, I think that animal do have a magic influence onto a child's (an adult's too) soul. It not just the pleasant caressing but also the need to care for them, clean them, muck out, help with the hay, this all builds up a man, and not only in the physical sense.

The relationship man--animal also has its laws which we have to respect if we are to have an animal as a friend. And so we teach our children not only that love always costs incestments and care (even when we don't feel like it!) but also the respect, ballance of authority an care, toleration of mistakes, consistency, empathy.

Often I see the town kids as tey come and ruthlessly pull the cats and dogs by their tails, kick the ball right behind the horse' rump, show respect towards nothing and nobody. This feature will remain the same when they turn adults, and not only towards animals.

That is the reason for our BABY-ZOO. I believe that the life more in accord with nature can help to cultivate a man in relationship with others as well as with himself.

One of the first animals that found home with us was a rat Miss Mahulena. She could do wonderful things, she slept with us in bed, ate at our table, went for walks, she could "monkey around" and was very communicative. Unfortunately, we all developped an allergy to her becaue she leaves the smell tracks in forms of urine and these are very irritating. So we were through with the rats.

The first non allergy-causing animal and very friendly pet was a snake. Red grass-snake. Domi got it for Christmas 2005 and since we held her in hands often from the young age it is very friendly and nice. Otherwise, the grass-snakes are biting nuisances. Under the influence of the Lord of Rings, Domi named it Bloody Scurut-hai. It is probably really male because it is very unpleasant every time it is hungry and when it it time to change dress.

After moving to a village we discovered that we were sharing our house together with a large number of mice and pine-martens. Because they were too friendly (they came and walked on the kitchen unit to watch me cooking), we brought in some cats. Our first two were sluggards. They would not catch mice, they would not even try, they just lay the whole day on the kitchen window, watched me cooking, and when I looked at them they meowed tp let me know they wanted some milk.

That is how it went the first year until I lost my patience and said (in their presence) that they were worth nothing, only slept and ate and poop to the kid's sandbox, they had to go. I mysel am not sure how much seriously I meant this but they appearently thought I did because the next day there was a killed mouse on our threshold and nearby a proud cat waiting for a praise. The other one was gone. Disappeared, never showed up again. It has been about two years now. The first cat still keeps lying on the kitchen window and never caught any other mouse. However, his smart move earned him his position.

We also owned hens but Domi tried to make falcons out of them (he carried them on his hand). This way they learned to spend nights on the tree branches which made it impossible to get them down and close them inside the henhouse. So the pine-martens got them. A pitty, they were good laying hens.

OPther garden inhabitans consist of two grown puppies Hugo and Lesana. Sibblings. Half-breeds. Their nature is joyful and they don't get bored with our children in the garden.

Llama Laila We received in February 2008 from the grandparents as year-old suckling. The llamas are immune, relentless, and strong (they can carry up to 150 pounds) an the one we have is friendly and nice. And beautiful. She was the big love of Patrik until she spit on him. Hope he would forgive her soon.

Our Hutsul horse Jarmanka and Shagya Arab crossbred with Paint horse Angie. Jarmanka is the herd leader but a kind-hearted one. Angie is of enormous temperament and also senzitivity which corresponds with her origin.

The goat Běla (White) is our last increase. During the holidays 2008, as we were visiting the grandparents, the goat fell in love with me, she left both the flock of her sisters and her baby and went with me to the Highlands. At first she was disapointed that she could not sleep in my bedroom with me but then she got reconciled and made friends with Laila. Still, she sometimes escapes and stands on her hind legs at the kitchen window and watches me cooking (what do these animal have on my cooking?).

Achatinas, the African snails grow up to almost two pounds, the shell twelve inches. They are funny, fearless, and of nice colors. They stay in aquarium in Deni's room. Their names are: Pepa, Franta, Tonda, Lojza, Adolf a Venca.

Budgerigar Modrásek (Blue) belongs to Bebe and for the fact that he is a bird from the pet shop he is pretty tame. He likes to caress noses, knows to jump on a hand to the command "Hop!" and says "Pípáčku" a "Mikeši".

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